There are over 200 primary schools in Amsterdam. Pupils are assigned to a school by means of a centralised enrolment system. Around your child’s third birthday, you will receive an official enrolment form from the City of Amsterdam. If you are new to Amsterdam, you can download the form yourself.

At the moment we have no place for students who are 4 years and older. Children who still have to become 4 will have to register using the following method.

You can indicate a preference for a particular school on your enrolment form. Submit the form to the school you have listed as your first choice. If that school receives more applications than there are places available, pupils will be assigned to the school based on a lottery system. Your child will have priority at the eight primary schools that are closest to your home address.

If your child does not receive a place at the school you listed as your first choice, the system will check if there is a place available at your second choice, then your third choice, etc.

Please check out he primary school enrolment process in five steps! Enter your postcode and house number in the School Finder to see which schools you can choose from. You can also read a description of each school (in Dutch). If your child is over the age of 4, please contact Astrid at 020 618 04 81 to see if we places available.  As we are experiencing a rapid growth because of our unique bilingual education system, please note that we can not accept all applications.