Members of the PTA

Members of the PTA

Parent Teacher Association
Since May 2015 the Visserschool parent teacher association (PTA) is comprised of an enthusiastic group of parents. As PTA we think along with the school board about fun activities for the children and we help to organise these.  Off course we don’t do this by ourselves. We get help from  all the school children’s parents! There are many occasions for helping out at the school, for instance during the Kinderboekenweek (festivities during which the wonders of the Children’s Book are celebrated and promoted), the Christmas diner, Sport’s Day, school trips and excursions to e.g. the Slatuinen ( Not just the parents enjoy coming along on school trips and excursions , but also many children enjoy their parents accompanying them to an excursion or help out at school. Together we can make sure that our children will have an unforgettable time at school.

How can I help?
There are many ways in which you can contribute. If you like sports, then we can use your help at Sport’s Day. Maybe you would like to cook something for the Christmas dinner, decorate the classroom for the Saint Nicolas fest or accompany a group of children to an activity in the neighbourhood. If you have a creative, musical, social or other background with a useful network and you have ideas on how to use these for our school, please let us know. Together we make this school an amazing school and we sincerely hope that as many parents as possible will help.

When can I help out?
According to the school’s yearly planner, the PTA will hang up lists where you can sign up for the activities. These lists you can find on the notice boards outside the classrooms. We will start this at the beginning of the school year and we will try to make these announcements as early as possible to give parents with busy schedules the possibility to join as well. Remember to check the Visserslatijn, e-mails and Twitter (@visserschool) and like our Facebook page ‘Kom naar de Visserschool’ and ‘De Visserschool” if you haven’t already!

How do I contact you?
Do you have ideas or do you want to help out at school? You can mail us at or talk to any one of us at school.

Members of the PTA:
Chairwoman: Andjelka Cajic (Ilja’s mum group 1/2C)
Vice chairwoman: Lenn Muffels (Nina’s mum group 1/2A)
Member:  Jamaa Taharrasst (Shahin’s mum group 1/2B)
Member: Aiste Jonkute (Luca’s mum group 1/2A)
Member: Marije Roos (Raina’s mum group 1/2A)